Our Deck and Renovation

Our biggest project this summer was tackling the exterior of our home.  It was quite the eye sore.  Below is the "before picture", and yes, that would be a pink house.  The existing porches were literally falling off of the house.   Some parts were even held together by duct tape!

Our house last winter

Our house last winter

Since the house is so small, we wanted to extend our living space outdoors.  Our plan was to built a wrap around deck/porch that would be big enough to entertain, lounge, and just enjoy being outside.

The most impressive detail of this project is that my dad and Mr. Wright build the entire deck themselves!  Many thanks go out to the friends, family, and neighbors that pitched it too.  We couldn't have done it without you!  Oh, and yours truly did the painting :)

There are still a few finishing touches to be done.  We plan to build a roof over the front door and Wrightway Landscape will be installing a beautiful landscape next spring.  You will notice someone sneaked in to some of the "after" photos.  He is thoroughly enjoying his new deck space.  Scroll down to see the dramatic transformation!