Wallpaper Is Not Just For Walls - 7 DIY Projects With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is not just for walls.  Customize many areas of your home with one roll of wallpaper or less!  Have you checked out my wallpaper collection in my shop?  It is sold in several different sized rolls as little as 1 foot long - perfect for those small DIY projects! You can purchase all my wallpaper designs here

1. Framing Paper

One of the simplest ways to add a pop of your favorite wallpaper design without the commitment of papering the entire wall is to frame it.  Just like any artwork, a framed piece of wallpaper provides an instant pop of color and pattern to a boring wall.

Framed wallpaper samples - Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine designer Brian Patrick Flynn

Framed wallpaper samples - Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine designer Brian Patrick Flynn

2. Dress Up Your Drawers

Swap patterned wallpaper for traditional drawer liners — it's a pretty little surprise every time you open the drawer.



.  To jazz up a boring bookcase, just paper the back wall of each shelf.  I LOVE these spot and the blue and gold combo done by Centsational Girl

4. Hanging Paper on the Ceiling

I love this idea and if you do it in a small room, such as a powder room, you really don't need a lot of wallpaper.  This is one of my favorites from Flavor Paper.  It's like you are looking up through the trees!

Canopy by Flavor Paper

Canopy by Flavor Paper

Kelly Deck Design

Kelly Deck Design

5. Step Up Stair Risers

6. Custom Shades on a Budget

You can find instructions on how to transform a basic vinyl shade into a custom window treatment here



7. Perk Up a Pendant

Find instructions here



It Runs in the Family - Featuring Weathered Woodworks

Everyone in my family is some type of designer.  My mom is a florist and my dad is a machinist, making just about anything out of metal.  I consider myself a creative person, but I think my brother, Max, surpasses us all.

Check out one of his newest ventures, Weathered Woodworks.  Max creates unique, vintage inspired artwork, furniture, holiday decor, and other home furnishing with an emphasis of turning the new into old.


I am in love with these directional arrow signs! These signs can be customized based on your own travels and favorite places around the globe. Custom orders can be done in any color and any size. Best of all, they are made out of 100% recycled and re-used wood and paints. Eco friendly and personized art for your walls!


Weathered Woodworks also does custom orders of any image at any size. Request your custom order and check out the other vintage inspired home items here:


And like them on Facebook to be updated with news and new items!



Making Your Guests Feel At Home During The Holidays

Make guests feel at home by adding little luxuries and thoughtful extras to your guest bedroom or space where they will lay their head.

These easy ideas for outfitting your guest space make hosting overnighters a welcome experience for everyone.  A few comforting touches added to your home will make your family and friends feel special when they come to stay.

Be Prepared


Being a good host requires some planning ahead and buying some gear.  Avoid having to buy everything at once by keeping an eye out for supplies on sale during your weekly trips to the store.  Stock up on travel size toiletries, nice towels, and extra bedding.  Store them in the guest room or other closet when not in use, so they are not mixed with your everyday items.  These items are for guests only.

Don't have a spare bedroom?  Invest in an inflatable air mattress.   They are inexpensive but a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the sofa.

 Outfit your guest's quarters with a tray of necessities: an alarm clock, some favorite books or magazines, the local newspaper, and some bottled water. Even if they are sleeping on the sofa, set up a foldable tray table or chair

If  you guest will be staying in a bedroom,  stock a dresser drawer or nightstand with the necessities you have bought and fun extras.  Examples are:

  • shampoo, soaps
  • toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • lotion
  • mints
  • lip balm
  • band-aids, cough drops
  • a pen and note pad
  • fill a basket with some candy, chocolate, nuts, or other favorites of your guest.
  • you could even get some single serving bottles of their favorite liquor and mixers.


Put a TV in the room.  While the point of a visit is to spend time with each other, a television in the guest room acknowledges the fact that your guests may not want to go to bed as early as you do, or may wake up earlier and want to catch the weather forecast.

If you have the room, make sure there is adequate closet and drawer space. Supply a variety of hangers -- at least a dozen good wooden or metal ones.  And have full-length mirror hanging.

Don't have extra closet space? Give guests a spot to hang clothes by hanging an over-the-door hook and stock it with several slim hangers


Hang another separate hook so you guest has somewhere to hang up their wet towel


Have an extra blanket on the end of the bed or couch if needed.

Fresh Flowers always make a room feel more welcoming

Ask you guests before they arrive of anything they may want or need.  Do they drink coffee in the morning? Stock the fridge and pantry and take into consideration any special food requirements

When Your Guests Arrive

Show guests where to find snacks, drinking glasses, and utensils, and always tell them to help themselves.

In the morning offer a simple, but tasty breakfast.  If it's a lazy Sunday, bacon and eggs or pancakes are simple and not something you get to eat everyday.  If you don't have a lot of time just get some bagels from the bakery an some fresh fruit.  Keep coffee, tea and juice on hand. Even if you don’t drink it, a coffee drinker is always thankful to have the means to make a cup of joe in the morning. It doesn’t have to be anything high-end if you don’t drink it, but make sure it’s fresh.

Relax!  If you are, they will be.  The most important thing is to enjoy the time that you have with your company.