Simple Guide to Choosing the "Wright" White Paint for Your Walls

We are finally getting settled into our new home and now it’s time to start tackling some house projects. First up is painting all of the main living areas. I chose all white walls for a few reasons:

  1. I plan on bringing to lots of color in items such as the rugs, pillows, art, and even the doors.

  2. Although we have tons of windows, the roof over the front porch shades the living room for most of the day. Painting the walls white will make it feel a little more light and bright. The living room is also open to the kitchen

  3. I like to keep walls neutral and I’m just getting a little tried of gray walls. I feel like white walls have replaced the light gray trend.

Choosing the “wright” color of white for your walls is crucial. There are millions to choose from and you want one that will give you a bright and fresh look. If it’s not the right shade, it can look dingy, yellow, or too stark.

The main focus is figuring out what kind of natural light your rooms gets. If you have a darker space with low natural light (a north facing room or a room without a lot of windows, you want to choose a warm, creamier white. it will look whiter and crisper once you get it on the walls and completely brighten up the room without looking too cool or even blue.

If you have a room with lots of natural light (south facing or lots of windows) opt for a cooler or bright white that will absorb some of the sunlight. If you use a warm white in a space that gets strong sunlight coming in, it can end up looking a little dingy or yellow.

For a cohesive look, I like to keep the trim and ceilings the same color as the walls, but on the trim, I use a semigloss finish.

For our home, I chose a warm, creamy white - Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Again, the natural light we get is shaded and the creamy white looked best with our kitchen cabinets which are a warm maple.

Photos of the finished product coming soon!

Here is a quick guide with some of my favorite white paints:

Quide to choosing the perfect white paint-3.png