I am a graduate of Penn State University with a B.A. in advertising, as well as degrees in business and psychology.  I am a wife, mother, and interior designer.  My love for home design started young, but I became inspired to begin my career as an interior designer after completing school and traveling around the country.  My inspiration comes from the many different places I have lived including Florida, San Diego California, and my current home, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

My love for "everything home" has helped in my success of becoming an accomplished interior designer.  While working in residential design, I found my passion in color and pattern.  In 2012 I launched my own fabric, pillow, and wallpaper collection.  The line carries modern designs that feature bold and bright prints.  The inspiration behind the brand is causal, colorful, yet classically unique.  The success of the first line has lead to more collections as well offering everything you need to make your house a home.  By summer 2017 the shop will also include rugs, lighting, and accessories!

Wright at Home not only focuses on home design, but my other passions that include cooking and gardening.   I believe the heart of the home starts in the kitchen and that is where I spends most of my free time.  I loves preparing meals for my family and friends.  Most of the recipes shared on Wright at Home are quick, simple, crowd pleasing dishes. I use fresh, seasonal ingredients often from her my own garden or locally sourced in the Pennsylvania area. 

When I'm is not designing or cooking, you can most certainly find me outdoors with my husband, daughter, and chocolate lab.  My favorite pastimes include going on long walks with the family, hiking, fishing, watching football, and working in my garden.  Follow me on my day-to-day adventures at home and get inspired to do the same in your own!